Optometrist in Jersey City NJ

Optometrist in Jersey City NJ

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Glaucoma in Jersey City NJ

Optometrist in Jersey City NJ
Optometrist in Jersey City NJ

Of course, no one wants to be diagnosed with glaucoma. But thanks to various effective treatments, it doesn’t have to be something that causes you anxiety. At Riverdell Family Vision Care, you can depend on our optometrist in Jersey City NJ to diagnose glaucoma, and then point you toward the most appropriate method for addressing it.

What is glaucoma exactly? It is the result of a buildup of pressure caused inside your eye when there is a greater production of fluid than is efficiently drained. Under normal circumstances, fluid makes its way through your eyes, drains out, and there is no problem. The imbalance, however, needs to be corrected in order to set things right. Less often, glaucoma can be brought on by a chemical contamination, an eye injury, or severe eye inflammation or infection. One eye can be affected more than the other, but typically both get it at the same time. The biggest danger involved is that there are no obvious symptoms in the early stages of the disease. And if it is not caught in a timely manner by our optometrist in Jersey City NJ, you could suffer damage to your eyes, vision loss, or both. Some of the signs that you might observe and which would indicate an advanced stage, are loss of vision to any degree, tunnel vision, painful or red eyes, halos that appear around light, and nausea or vomiting (especially in combination with one or more other symptoms). Diagnostic testing centers around tonometry, which measures your level of internal eye pressure. Other tests will be done as needed to confirm. Treatment options are based on correcting the fluid imbalance by either decreasing fluid production, increasing drainage, or creating a new path for the fluid to drain from.

Schedule an eye examination by calling our office today. Let our optometrist in Jersey City NJ determine the presence of glaucoma promptly. Timely diagnosis and treatment is closely associated with the best outcomes.

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