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Computerized lenses in New Milford

New Milford eyeglass store
New Milford eyeglass store

The continued advancements made in optical technology have allowed our valued customers to benefit in ways that just a few years ago were either impossible or not nearly as practical as they are today. At Riverdell Family Vision Care, one such product is computerized lenses from our New Milford eyeglass store.

Over the past 25 years, the number of people using computers every day has increased exponentially, hasn’t it? At one time, it was only certain kinds of office workers that spent time in front a computer regularly. Well, now, not only does nearly every profession employ them in one way or another, but among the rest of the population, home PCs, portable laptops, tablets, and smartphones have resulted in a nation of computer users. And our New Milford eyeglass store is pleased to have the products to make your experience with computers better by providing you with clearer and sharper vision without the dryness in your eyes, strain, irritation, and even headaches that can come about from spending a lot of time working with a computer. What you will get from our New Milford eyeglass store is not the same type of glasses that you would get for reading, or for correcting nearsightedness, for example. Instead, they are uniquely designed to improve vision based on the distance that most people sit from a computer screen, which is typically about 20 to 26 inches from eyes to screen. That’s the good news. The even better news is that as with our other optical goods, nothing is one-size-fits-all. Your computerized lenses will be made to suit your individual needs and to optimize your experience.

Please pick up the phone right now and call our New Milford eyeglass store. We will book an appointment for you to come in and be examined by our optometrist so that an ideal pair of computerized lenses can be made for you.

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