Eye Doctor in Jersey City NJ

Eye Doctor in Jersey City NJ

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Glaucoma Treatments in Jersey City NJ

Eye Doctor in Jersey City NJ
Eye Doctor in Jersey City NJ

Glaucoma develops when the pressure inside your eyes become unsafe as a result of a buildup of eye fluid (tears). Simply put, your eyes are making more fluid than they can efficiently drain. Here at Riverdell Family Vision, we recommend yearly testing, because glaucoma does not reveal any noticeable symptoms during its early stages. Waiting for signs to become obvious puts you at increased risk for vision loss or damage to your eyes, either of which could be permanent.

It is perfectly normal for your eyes to produce fluid. It’s what keeps your eyes clean and sufficiently moist. However, fluid that goes undrained is dangerous to your optic nerves and to your eyesight. When you come in for a screening to determine if you do or do not have glaucoma, or eye doctor in Jersey City NJ will do a thorough exam, including the test called tonometry. This test measures your internal eye pressure. As part of a comprehensive strategy for definitively diagnosing glaucoma, your peripheral eyesight (side-to-side) will be checked, too, and our eye doctor in Jersey City NJ might take photos of your optic nerve. There are two types of treatment for glaucoma. The first is to deal with any optic nerve damage. This typically requires surgery. If you have not sustained any physical harm to the eye itself, the priority is to correct the fluid imbalance. This can be done with eye drops that reduce the amount of fluid created, laser treatments that improve drainage, and microsurgery, in which an entirely new drainage channel is made for you.

Our eye doctor in Jersey City NJ will work with you to identify the best possible treatment for your unique situation. Call our office to arrange an appointment to come in and be screened for this eye disease that can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, heredity, or medical history.

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