Emerson Vision Therapy

Emerson Vision Therapy

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Vision Therapy Services in Emerson

Emerson Vision Therapy
Emerson Vision Therapy

At Riverdell Family Vision Care our Emerson vision therapy is done on site and designed to fix problems that cannot be treated with glasses or contact lenses. Vision therapy is a sequence of procedures help treat any developmental or functional problems. While the brain creates the visual experience through our eyes, the connections are built early in life. Too much stress on the vision can also cause problems, such as close computer work that causes eyestrain and headaches. Corrective lenses and vision therapy can both fix this problem.

Adults and children both are affected by vision problems that can be fixed with vision therapy. The problems affect their work and school life. Emerson vision therapy is done both in office and at home using a series of methods that correct any visual or visual-motor problems. These methods include eye teaming, eye alignment, eye focusing, eye movements and visual processing. The methods consist of activities that the patient performs, such as using optical devices, therapeutic lenses, or filters and prisms. This helps to develop the vision and reinforce it. Repetitive motions facilitate the improved function and can help those without the visual skills that allow them to perform effective learning.

Emerson vision therapy consists of helping these individuals read better, write better and learn. This includes eye movement and focusing skills, eye-hand activity, visual memory skills and other things such as poor binocular coordination and strabismus. Poor binocular vision means that the two eyes are not working properly in tandem, which can cause problems with depth perception and eye contact. Strabismus, which is also known as eye turns, can also benefit from vision therapy. It is best that patients use vision therapy as early as possible for this problem, but patients over the age of 21 have also benefitted from it as well.

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