Emerson Vision Therapy

Emerson Vision Therapy

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Vision Therapy Services in Emerson

According to the State of New York, College of Optometry, Emerson vision therapy is a treatment regimen that is performed to correct and to improve certain types of dysfunctions of the visual system. This includes disorders like: strabismus (turned eye), amblyopia (lazy eye), poor eye-hand coordination, perceptual difficulties, focusing problems, and eye movement disorders.

Emerson vision therapy can benefit patients who have a variety of problems. Vision therapy can help patients struggling with the following: seeing double, reversing letters and words after age seven, poor reading comprehension, confusing similar looking words, omitting or re-reading letters or words, frequently losing their place while reading and struggling with work that requires near-vision such as looking at a computer screen or reading. Patients struggling with these issues need to see a vision therapy specialist like ours at Riverdell Family Vision Care. Treatment plans will vary. They are customized to the specific diagnosed dysfunctions and involve the use of prisms, lenses and patches as well as other special tools. For this reason, the procedures a vision therapist utilizes, and the duration of the therapy will vary from patient to patient. It will depend on both the nature and severity of the problem and the specific needs of the patient. You’ll be in excellent hands when you choose Riverdell Family Vision Care for your vision therapy needs. Our vision therapy specialists are highly qualified, skilled and have years of experience. If you or a family member needs vision therapy, we recommend that you to call our office to schedule a consultation with our vision therapy expert. At your consultation, our vision therapist will take the time to listen to you and to answer your questions.

Contact us today to set up your consultation with our Emerson vision therapy specialist. One of our associates would be glad to assist you.

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