Emerson Orthokeratology

Emerson Orthokeratology

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Orthokeratology in Emerson

Emerson Orthokeratology
Emerson Orthokeratology

Many of Americans today are completely unfamiliar with the concept of Orthokeratology. However, many people would benefit from it immensely. To give you a quick run down, Emerson Orthokeratology can be understood as the process which uses specially crafted GP contact style lenses in an attempt to temporarily reshape and actual contour of the cornea itself and thus minimize myopia or otherwise known as nearsightedness to laymen. This this process which we can refer to as “ortho-k” hereafter is sweeping the nation and has a lot of near sighted people taking notice of what awaits them. At Riverdell Family Vision Care we’ve been taking care of this for many years and have become an expert that you can trust.

The thing about this procedure that the Riverdell Family Vision Care group can do as the leading Emerson Orthokeratology group is that they attempt to fundamentally changed the physical structure of your eyes. This is revolutionary and is having profoundly better results than merely wearing contacts or glasses ever could. Where as glasses and contacts can be understood as a kind of band aid solution to these issues we can understand Ortho-k as the cure to nearsightedness and the only remedy you’ll never need thereafter.

If you consider the amount of money you are likely to spend on contacts or glasses over the course of your life you can see that it really adds up and electing to go ortho-k isn’t as big of an investment as you originally thought. You no longer have to be the, “glasses guy” and can start being the person in your group who gets complimented on their beautiful eyes for a change. Emerson orthokeratology is a fascinating procedure and you get to be on the cutting edge if you give us a call at Riverdell Family Vision Care today and come in for your free consultation.

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