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NeuroCognitive (Behavioral) Optometry in Emerson NJ

Emerson NJ eye doctor
Emerson NJ eye doctor

If you are looking for an expert vision practice, visit us at Riverdell Family Vision Care. At our optometry practice, you will be seen by our Emerson NJ eye doctor, either Dr. Bruce Meyer or Dr. Hamsa Azar. Our optometrists are both experts in providing neurocognitive (behavioral) optometry care.

Neurocognitive optometry care is a combination of traditional eye care to determine the presence of eye diseases and the need for glasses, functional vision care which evaluates a patient’s ability to have coordinated and efficient vision, and NeuroCognitive care which assesses the patient’s ability to convert light energy into meaningful information that will direct action and produce learning. This type of approach is very important since as much as 90% of all information we receive comes in through our eyes. Information from our eyes is linked to two parallel visual systems: the focal system which is linked to memory and prior experiences so we know what we are looking at, and the ambient system where we are in space and where objects are in space relative to our eyes and body. These two systems need to work together so that we can function appropriately in our lives. For example, in reading, the ambient vision directs our eye so it can properly move across the page, and allow our focal system to process the words. As much as 25% of students in the elementary grades have visual problems that are so serious that they affect their ability to learn. However, through typical vision exams these problems can be left undetected, and the child is left with learning problems. In fact, it is believed that as much as 80% of children with learning disabilities actually have an undiagnosed vision problem. Our Emerson NJ eye doctor will determine if your child is having problems with their vision, which can affect their learning. If so, these problems can be addressed at our vision practice with Vision Therapy.

For an appointment for your child to see our Emerson NJ eye doctor, so that he or she can have their vision thoroughly evaluate, contact us today.

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